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August Bushcare – Community Tree Planting at Else-Mitchell

The local community gathered for a wonderful morning of tree planting and bushcare on 17 August at Else-Mitchell Reserve.

Reserve neighbours – young and not-so-young – and bushcare volunteers joined forces to plant a number of Eucalyptus deanei (Mountain Blue Gum) saplings, grown from seeds by Mike.

Gathered amongst the gums

After an introduction from council officer Karen, Mike and Malcolm gave a short history of the Reserve and the twists and turns needed over the years to ensure that the Park is maintained and continues to be of such value to the community.

Mike shares decades of experience

Some of the long-term neighbours added to the history with their own memories from over the decades. Such as the time the area was called “Steam Roller Park”, until the steam roller burnt down.

Planting in full swing
Under the tall trees
Many hands make things grow

After the trees were planted, the group was rewarded with a generous morning tea full of tasty treats. Many thanks to all those who participated in bringing new life to Else-Mitchell Reserve.

The ideal way to celebrate a good day of tree planting