Signs of progress at Else Mitchell Park thanks to its Bushcare Group

Else-Mitchell Park is located within Frazer Road, Prince Street and Baxter Avenue at Springwood.

The Reserve consists of a playground, picnic shelter and lawn area for the recreation of the local community. A natural creekline and a stormwater drainage line also wind their way through the Reserve. On the northern side of the creekline is remnant bushland, which has special significance, being Blue Gum Forest (Blue Mountains Shale Cap Forest), an endangered ecological community.

Map of Else Mitchell Park

The Reserve supports a range of native plant species, ranging from trees, shrubs, groundlayer plants and grasses (refer to the separate Plant List from the home page index).

The Else-Mitchell Park Bushcare Group was formed on 15 May 1993 by interested and concerned local residents.

The Bushcare site has undergone long-term rehabilitation over the years. This rehabilitation work has involved the development of a system to control the impacts of stormwater, planting riparian species along the creekline and drainage line, trackwork and bush regeneration in the remnant bushland areas. This work was made possible with the assistance of Council, contractors and TAFE students, but most consistently by the ongoing efforts of the Bushcare Group. The Bushcare Group also initiated and galvanised the co-operation of all those involved in the rehabilitation process.

Maintenance work of past efforts continues and work is now in planning to further improve the biodiversity and habitat values of the Reserve.

Springwood Blue Gum Forest flyer launched

A flyer has been produced to promote the value, diversity and beauty of Springwood’s Blue Gum Forest. This flyer was officially launched at a celebration in Deanei Reserve on 22 October 2005.

You can download it here, as a PDF: on the main Bushcare site.