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September Bushcare – Plant Identification Session

A wonderful plant identification session was held at Else-Mitchell Park on a sunny Sunday morning after the wild winds of preceding days relented. 

Gathered together on a sunny Sunday morning

Almost 20 people from the Blue Mountains Conservation Society Plant Study Group and local bushcare groups came together to update and extend the existing park plant list and learn about the plants of the park.

Led by Margaret, with her amazing knowledge of the site and the intricate nature of plant ID, the two groups shared their treasury of knowledge.

The morning provided an opportunity for informed discussions and led to a deeper understanding of the park and its native and introduced plant life. A Tawny Frogmouth was an extra bonus.

Australian Basket Grass (Oplismenus aemulus) on the left, with Trad (Tradescantia fluminensis)

Thanks to all those who attended, particularly the members of the Blue Mountains Conservation Society Plant Study Group. 

All eyes on the tree ferns
Getting our heads together over a tree fern – Cyathea cooperi  or Cyathea leichhardiana?