Monthly Archives: May 2021

April Bushcare – a surprising nest

Amongst all the Trad work, there was a nice surprise in a compost heap when someone’s nest was discovered under the plastic sheet…

March Bushcare – rained out, washed away

La Nina kept on giving, with big rainfalls having the usual effect of bringing torrents to the ephemeral creek – and washing away the bridge planks.

Flowing down from Prince St

February Bushcare – Geckos and Kookas

The friendly fauna this month included a lovely crochet broad-leaf gecko (thanks Anna!) and a kookaburra on the track.

On the flora side, Linda planted several plants, Mike weeded on the northern boundary, and there was the general tradding.

By the dam wall

Farewell, Liz

A moving service was held at Else-Mitchell for Liz, a treasured member of the bushcare group.

Trees were planted, Mike played a touching musical farewell, and her favourite hat held pride of place on the park lizard.

Vale, Liz

November Bushcare – Sonic cicadas and silky sericea

This session had it all – cicada wall of sound, plantings, gift bags, and crochet.

Some Hakea sericea (bushy needlewood or silky hakea) were planted in the planting zone close to Frazer Rd.

Morning tea was enlivened by lovely pre-Christmas gift bags (thanks Council!). And Anna showed off her fantastic crochet skills with a couple of cute critters.

And the cicadas kept singing.

October Bushcare – Allocasuarina down

Some heavy rainfall had an impact on an Allocasuarina near the playground, with a major branch breaking off.

Sad for the tree, but the water was as always most welcome.