Monthly Archives: February 2019

January Bushcare

Luckily, the previous day’s 42 degrees had passed, allowing us to start 2019 with a good session focusing on Trad and Japanese Honeysuckle.

Mike put his trusty rake to good effect and other team members filled up several bags of the green weeds.

Raking it in

In wildlife sightings, Mike spotted a juvenile Eastern Water Dragon, while Linda also spotted a Blue Eyed Lacewing during the month.

Juvenile Eastern Water Dragon                                                              Blue Eyed Lacewing





December sightings

Liz was able to capture some great photos of the reserve’s smaller residents. These included the Pleasing Fungus Beetle, which “because of their cryptic habits they are rarely seen except by the dedicated mushroom hunter and entomologists.” (University of Florida)


Pleasing Fungus Beetle                                              Seed bug nymphs Family Lygaeidae


Pittosporum leaf beetle                                                                             Amanita mushroom

                  Metallic jewel bug