Monthly Archives: January 2019

Fauna sightings

Two interesting animals were seen by John and Madeline in late December 2018 in the park. An Eastern Water Dragon was spotted on the western boundary.

Eastern Water Dragon in Else-Mitchell

Another time, a raptor was seen flying over the park being harassed by a noisy miner. It was similar to another raptor seen over the park last year, that time being chased by a magpie. 

Raptor over Else-Mitchell being escorted by a magpie


Bushcare – December 2018

The group carried out its usual wide range of work on a humid Saturday. Anna maintained the recent plantings and then did Trad follow-up, while Linda also began some major Trad removal.

John and Madeline worked on Japanese Honeysuckle and Malcolm did Trad maintenance. Liz removed bulbs and other weeds and  took some amazing photos of fungi and insect life.

(L) Part of the reclaimed area with a range of local provenanced species; (R) visited by a Brush Bronzewing