Monthly Archives: July 2019

June Bushcare – Piles of Trad

The new revegetation area appeared to be doing well and was checked and watered.

Trad removal around the creek continued to create nice big piles of the pest, while Japanese honeysuckle was also targeted.

Thanks to Chloe and Carol for returning for a second bout of Else Mitchell bushcare.

A satisfying pile of Trad
Tradding amongst the trees

May Bushcare – Revegetating and Weeding

A great work session expanded the revegetation area on the south slope with new plantings. Under Karen’s expert direction, the team dug holes and planted Pittosporum revolutum, Indigofera australis and one Bursaria spinosa.

Let the planting begin

Of course, the weeding can’t be ignored, and more progress was made on clearing out the Trad around the creek bed.

Back to the Trad

Welcome to Chloe and Carol for their first session, and thanks to park neighbours Rhiannon and Daniel and family for providing a fantastic morning tea. A pair of White-headed Pigeons looked on approvingly.