Monthly Archives: June 2019


Our resident fungi expert Liz Kabanoff has spotted quite a few examples of beautiful fungi coming up at Else Mitchell this month. 

Gymnopilus junonius was seen growing in clusters on buried wood. 

Russulas are ectomycorrhizal fungi. They are a food source for native slugs and snails. Russula viridis, the green russula, was a bit dried out when observed. All were growing in soil under Allocasuarina.

Oudemansiella gigaspora, a tall, elegant mushroom with a brown cap that is slimy when wet, was growing in soil but apparently attached to underground wood. Six specimens observed.

Oudemansiella gigaspora

Strobilomyces is a genus of bolete mushrooms (mushrooms with pores on the undersurface, rather than gills). Boletellus and Strobilomyces are both boletes (spongy porous undersurface).

Amanita xanthocephala forms ectomycorrhizal relationships with Eucalyptus. The specimens pictured were growing under Eucalyptus deani. 5 specimens were found. Amanita punctata was growing in soil in the woodland area among native grasses, Eucalyptus deani, Angophora, Allocasuarina. Three specimens were found.

Coral fungus, greyish-brown, was seen growing under Angophora costata and Allocasuarina torulosa.

The bioluminescent ghost fungusĀ  Omphalotus nidiformis, was observed growing on a tree stump.

Omphalotus nidiformis